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In Ukrainian culture, the making of protective motanka dolls stands on par with folk crafts art. Such a toy is not just a figurine but a genuine amulet or talisman with magical power.

Using decorative fabrics made of linen and cotton, as well as threads, ribbons, and lace, we will create a protective charm, namely an angel guardian for our Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers.

It is believed that the motanka doll protects the person, and it can even grant wishes. The crafted protective charms imbued with the warmth of our hands will go to the warrior-defenders; each guardian angel will have its own soul and character.

The process of making the motanka doll bears lots of responsibility: that is why Kyiv artist Lyudmyla Vnuchkova, a master of decorative and applied arts (artistic textiles), will teach and assist the children. Parents can join the group or use this time to attend other events at the festival.

As scissors and needles are required for this creative work, children aged 7 years and above are preferable participants.
Duration of the master class: 2 hours
Age of participants: 7 years and above.

***Important information: In the event of an air raid alert, children with parents will be immediately taken to the shelter located within the territory of "Sophia of Kyiv."

THE EVENT IS FREE - with an admission ticket to the Sofiivska Square Museum Complex (300 UAH for regular admission, 150 UAH for discounted admission).

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