High Art Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage

annual: the first festival was a great success in Kyiv in 2018. The following two festivals which took place in 2019 and 2020 showed the growing popularity and adherence of the public.

visual art

international: foreign participants form more than one third of the festival program. Beside that, the international workshops for professional musicians set up an integral part of the festival.

non-profitable and socially-oriented: admission to the festival events is free. Due to free admission and variable programme, Bouquet Kyiv Stage is able to reach a wide audience.

Founders and organizers
The founder of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage Performing Arts Festival is Ukrainian cultural centre Dom Master Klass, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Festival organizers:
Dom Master Klass, Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
St.Sophia National Reserve, Kyiv, Ukraine
UArtist Music, USA

Why have we created the Festival of Performing Arts?
Because:● we are aware of the role of culture, which is becoming increasingly important in times of changes and challenges● we understand that art, as a part of culture is able to evolve and develop a single person, a society, a country as a whole● we are convinced that Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian artists should take a worthwhile place both in their own country and in the world.

St.Sophia National Reserve - Location
Sophia Kyivska National Reserve is a significant historical place for Ukraine as well as a favorite space for Kyivites, the heart and the soul of Kyiv. The events of the festival take place simultaneously at several festival stages:

The main open-air music stage is located in the garden of "Sophia of Kyiv" Chamber music stage - St. Andrew's Church Museum. Cinema and theatre stage- "Golden Gate" museum. Stage for children – Garden "Sophia of Kyiv". Literature stage - Garden "Sophia of Kyiv". Exhibition Gallery - "Khlibnya" hall. Discussion panels area - Garden "Sophia of Kyiv", under the century-old ash tree.

Music: concerts of classical, modern academic, jazz, electronic, experimental music.
Fine arts: art exhibitions and media installations.
Literature: writers vs readers intercourse, book presentations, literary and poetic performances.
Cinema: screenings of modern Ukrainian films, assemblages with filmmakers. Interactive programs: theatrical tours around Sofia Kyivska, programs for children.
Panel discussions of intellectuals (historians, philosophers, artists, scientists, thought leaders).

Symbol of the Festival
The symbol of the festival is the Bouquet, a modern mega-symbol created by Kyiv outstanding artist and philosopher Oleksandr Dubovyk.

The bouquet is a symbol of: unity and composition, harmony and integrity, generosity and giving

The Bouquet symbol is a gift to the festival from the artist Oleksandr Dubovyk.

The Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival is a gift to the city from the founders.

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