Geniuses are always ahead of their time: their revolutionary vision reflects shifts in worldview, so it is worth listening keenly to true artists.
Such a luminary for us is Oleksandr Dubovyk - an outstanding monumentalist painter, a person of a planetary outlook, a remarkable thinker and philosopher.
The exhibition "Resistance" is, first and foremost, a reflection of the creative and personal journey of the artist himself: from defiance against the totalitarian Soviet regime to resistance against opportunism and double standards and, today, to fight against imperial russism.
The exhibition of Oleksandr Dubovyk's "Resistance" will feature works from previous years together with the new canvases painted by the artist during endless months of war, when, from the first days of the full-scale invasion, he made a conscious choice to stay in Kyiv.
So, what is the exhibition "Resistance" about? What instructions does the Master, the classic of contemporary art, encode in the symbolic images? What is the message of this exhibition?
Humanity should urgently come to the realization of how tiny and fragile our planet Earth is. We, Ukrainians, need to become aware and accept our unique, world-shaping mission to attain unity with the world, nature, and the universe.
As Oleksandr Dubovyk said: "To think the way to make the soil under our feet solid! To take pride that we are currently the center of the world, the center of the universe! To resist with dignity going through this weighty historical path that has befallen Ukrainians. To defy circumstances and everything that is morally unacceptable and impermissible. To firmly and steadfastly march towards a victorious end!"
The entire creative work of Oleksandr Dubovyk is based on the philosophy of the "White Bouquet" - a quantum idea of unity and wholeness. The philosophy and the symbol of the Bouquet were created by the artist and presented to the world, as well as to our festival, determining its name and shaping its main idea.
Each of Oleksandr Dubovik’s works has the symbol of the Bouquet. The idea of the Bouquet - unity and beauty, love and giving, striving for light, and RESISTANCE to darkness - is present in every event of the festival.
THE EVENT IS FREE - with an admission ticket to the Sofiivska Square Museum Complex (300 UAH for regular admission, 150 UAH for discounted admission).

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