National Ensemble of soloists “Kyiv Camerata” featuring Nina Matviyenko 


The concert of the National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Camerata" will take place at the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival the day after the official anniversary date (August 19) of the ensemble's creation.

On its 30th anniversary, the ensemble of soloists has become a well-known brand that acquired various glowing epithets, such as a unique group, a musical polyglot, a first-class chamber orchestra, a living history of contemporary music, to name a few.

Unfortunately, the founder and long-time leader of the "Kyiv Camerata," Valeriy Matyukhin, passed away this anniversary year. Today, the renowned violinist Bohdana Pivnenko has taken over as the head, someone who not only had fruitful collaborations with the legendary ensemble but also shared the founder's vision for the mission of the "Kyiv Camerata": promoting the music of Ukrainian composers and representing their creative art abroad.

Valeriy Matyukhin was a devoted musician and educator until his last breath, constantly seeking new and undiscovered gems in Ukrainian music. His creative credo aligns with the positioning of Bouquet Kyiv Stage, which sees its mission in promoting high Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian artists who deserve recognition both in their country and worldwide.

Under the baton of conductor Volodymyr Sirenko, the "Kyiv Camerata" will present its audience with the most beloved works of its enduring curator during the final concert, which are among the top pieces in the orchestra's repertoire and represent some of the finest examples of Ukrainian contemporary classical music.
The diverse program will feature works by close friends of Valeriy Matyukhin, with whom he had long-standing human and creative friendships, and who have composed numerous chamber works for the ensemble. These friends include Oleg Kiva, Yevhen Stankovych, Valentyn Silvestrov, and Volodymyr Zubyzkyi.

Nina Matviyenko will perform the emotionally poignant third part of "That garden" from Oleg Kiva's chamber cantata No. 3, based on the poems of Pavlo Tychyna. As a contrast, there will be vibrant, juicy, and colorful arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs by Hanna Havrylets, including "I will light a candle," "Yo, the prince crown was asking," and "Oh, there is a path to the forest"

Also, the significant and landmark piece for the ensemble, Yevhen Stankovych's Third Chamber Symphony for flute and strings (performed by Dmitry Kuzmin), will be played. This symphony is considered a masterpiece of Ukrainian contemporary classical music and was recognized by the International Tribune of Composers at UNESCO as one of the top ten symphonies in 1985.

The fiery and brilliant Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Maestro Volodymyr Zubyzkyi, who celebrates his 70th anniversary this year, will be performed by the virtuoso violinist and People's Artist of Ukraine, Bohdana Pivnenko.

The concert will also include the colorful "Concerto-Rutheno" for piano and chamber orchestra (soloist Dmitry Tavanets) by Oleksandr Kozarenko, who tragically passed away recently, and the musically evocative "Seasons" Concerto for violin and chamber orchestra by Zoltan Almasi, inspired by the music of Vivaldi and Piazzolla (soloist Bohdana Pivnenko).

All of this emotionally and stylistically diverse repertoire will be complemented by the ethereal and tender "Messenger" by Valentyn Silvestrov, which, like Kiva's cantata and Stankovych's symphony, has become a top hit in the repertoire of "Kyiv Camerata."

Valeriy Matyukhin was and will remain a significant figure in the history of our country's musical culture, embodying a whole epoch. Therefore, this concert is a tribute to the memory of the main inspirer of "Kyiv Camerata," who did not live to celebrate the ensemble's anniversary. It is also a powerful and symbolic culmination of the festival marathon, with its meaningful accents and themes.


Yevhen Stankovych: Chamber Symphony No. 3 for flute and strings
Oleg Kiva: "That Garden" from Chamber Symphony No. 3
Hanna Havrylets: Arrangements of Ukrainian songs, including "I will light a Candle," " Yo, the prince crown was asking," and "Oh, there is a path to the forest"
Zoltan Almasi: "Seasons" Concerto for violin and orchestra
Valentyn Silvestrov: Silent Music for strings
Oleksandr Kozarenko: Concerto-Rutheno for piano and orchestra
Volodymyr Zubyzkyi: Concerto No. 1 for violin and orchestra, movements 3-4

National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Camerata"
Nina Matviyenko (vocals)
Bohdana Pivnenko (violin)
Dmitry Tavanets (piano)
Dmitry Kuzmin (flute)
Conductor: Volodymyr Sirenko
The National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Camerata" was featured in last year's Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival. Together with Bohdana Pivnenko, who has been the heart of the ensemble for many years and recently became the acting General Director-Artistic Director of "Kyiv Camerata," the group actively promotes contemporary Ukrainian music worldwide.
***The National Ensemble of Soloists "Kyiv Camerata" actively performs chamber music of various styles and genres, from early Baroque to avant-garde works by contemporary composers. The ensemble engages in a vibrant concert activity, presenting captivating programs not only in Ukraine but also worldwide, including the Netherlands, the USA, Italy, China, Austria, Germany, France, Armenia, Croatia, Georgia, and more.

In Ukraine, the ensemble is renowned as an indefatigable promoter, the first performer, and an outstanding interpreter of works by Ukrainian contemporary composers such as Valentyn Silvestrov, Yevhen Stankovych, Ivan Karabyts, Myroslav Skoryk, Oleg Kiva, Leonid Kolodub, Volodymyr Zubytskyi, Volodymyr Hubarenko, Yuriy Ishchenko, Leonid Hrabovskyi, and many others. Thanks to the creativity of these composers, Ukraine is becoming increasingly recognized in the world.
THE EVENT IS FREE - with an admission ticket to the Sofiivska Square Museum Complex (300 UAH for regular admission, 150 UAH for discounted admission).

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