18 AUGUST, 4 P.M
Opening of the exhibition
by Viktoria Zubenko
"Stop. See. Art"
18 August, 4 p.m.
Opening of the exhibition by Viktoria Zubenko "Stop. See. Art"

Opening of the exhibition by Viktoria Zubenko
"Stop. See. Art"

An alternative line of objects created with an aim of the cultural identification of Ukraine has become the core of the exhibition. The project entitled BERVY offers presents with meaning instead of traditional 'motanka' dolls and wreaths. Each object contains an original part of the author's vision, a fragment of the mosaic panels, installed at the bus stops by the most famous Ukrainian painters in the sixties of the previous century. This large-scale project was initiated exclusively in Ukraine. The most renowned artists of the middle of the XX century: Volodymyr Patyk, Mykola Andrushchenko, Alla Horska, Viktor Zaretskyi, Bohdan Soroka, Bohdan Soika and others – worked in the two best teams – the Kyiv and the Lviv ones. Monumentalist artists transformed usual bus stops into works of architecture, often naïve, but beautiful and original. We have been using the bus stops for over 40 years without paying attention to their artistic value, draw graffiti, put up notices on them and stub out cigarettes against their walls...

Both professional well-known authors and beginners put in their thoughts and their vision of the beauty of nature, their personal stories of the past and the future in the stone walls of the bus stops having left us an incredible artistic legacy. And Viktoriia, being inspired by this, has created simple, beautiful and practical things…

Viktoriia Zubenko is a stylist, fashion critic and fashion consultant, director of fashion shows and editor of many fashion magazines.
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