Voice is a leitmotif of the whole programme of this year's festival. The past, which has changed the history of Kyiv and the global history forever, will resonate in our theatre programme with the voices of the Babyn Yar history.

We are in for a poetic and musical performance based on Marianna Kiianovska's poetry collection "Babyn Yar. Voices".

This project was conceived by Oleg Liptsyn, an American and Ukrainian theatre director. Along with the professional actors ordinary people have been attracted by this topic and have taken part in the performance in order to try to correlate our today's life and outlook with the lives of the people in the past in a joint artistic effort. Monologues-confessions will make it possible to reveal Babyn Yar in ourselves. And, having understood the grief, to make ourselves a gift of hope, a desire to love life and remain optimistic.

"Voices" are expected to become not just a première. It's a collective memory. And a belief that life goes on despite all troubles!

Marianna Kiianovska is a Ukrainian poetess, prose writer, translator and literary scholar.

Oleg Liptsyn is an American and Ukrainian theatre director, actor, theatre scholar and educator.

Oleg Liptsyn is an American and Ukrainian theatre director, actor, theatre scholar and educator. He is one of the founders of the Moscow Theatre School of Drama, founder and art-director of the avant-garde Kyiv theatre "Theatrical Club" (1988—1997), art-director of the International Theatre Ensemble (ITE), director of the Live-action Theatre Seminar, winner of several theatrical prizes, Phd in Art Criticism.His most important director's works include: "Antigone" by Sophocles, "I" by M. Khvylovy, "Diushes" (Duchesse) based on J. Joyce, "The Old Woman" based on N. Gogol/D. Kharms, "The Cherry Orchard" by A. Chekhov, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by E. Albee, "The Players" by N. Gogol, "Out Cry" by T. Williams, "The Nose" by N. Gogol, "Three Sisters" by A. Chekhov, "The Overcoat" by N. Gogol, "Endgame" by S. Beckett, "The Collector" by J. Fowles.

Important theatre and cinema roles: Son in "Six Characters" by L. Pirandello, Stavrogin in "Demons" by F. Dostoevsky, Baron in "The Lower Depths" by M. Gorky, Enkidu in "Gilgamesh", Clov in "Endschpiel" by S. Beckett, Brecht in the feature film "Svidok #11" (Witness No.11).In collaboration with O. Zhyvova he prepared and published two volumes of works of M. Butkevych, an outstanding educator and theatre theorist. O. Liptsyn also published a number of articles on methods of live-acting.Oleg has lived in the USA since the mid-90-s. He has staged performances and taught in such countries as the USA, Ukraine, Austria, France, Russia, Taiwan.