The Panel Discussion under the Ash Tree
In the period of general uncertainty when we have made a decision that the third Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival is going to happen, the message of the festival was born – "Life Goes On!"

Yevhen Utkin, the founder of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage, invites you to visit traditional hard talks under the ash tree. The theme of this year's hard talks is "Life Goes On!"

Outstanding speakers and everyone who is fond of thoughtful conversations and interesting discussions will meet in the shadow of a two-hundred-year-old ash tree growing in the garden of "St. Sophia of Kyiv". This is going to be a territory where new meanings will be generated and ideas will be exchanged, a place where inspiration will be born.

The hard talks will be held daily in the garden of "St. Sophia of Kyiv" under the ash tree.
Participants will be announced soon