Rules of Visiting the Festival
Getting ready for each festival, composing the Bouquet, we always consider the demands of the present time: wishes and tastes of our beloved spectators, modern trends in art, a desire to combine styles and genres. At present, during quarantine, a new factor has emerged. Regulations governing the ways cultural and entertaining events are held during quarantine have become the guidebook of this year's festival.

Due to these circumstances, we publish new rules of visiting the festival. Dear friends, fans of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage – 2020 Festival! Our life has changed and we all live by new rules. We are doing our best to make Third Festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage happen! And that is why we address you with a request to adhere to the new rules. We will be grateful to you for your understanding of certain restrictions that we have to impose, taking care of our common health and safety. Due to the quarantine,

  • there will be restrictions on the number of people visiting each event. A preliminary registration will allow you to visit the event without fail. A chance to buy the ticket immediately before the concert still remains, but the number of tickets will be reduced significantly.
  • Only sitting places are allowed in specified zones, with distance kept between the seats. Unfortunately, fanzone is still under a ban.
  • We ask our guests to wear masks all the time you spend on the territory of the National Sanctuary. We will provide for the possibility to buy masks for those who have accidentally left them at home..
  • Temperature screening will be conducted at the entrance, and a regular disinfection of the territory will be performed.
  • If you have no opportunity to visit the festival we are pleased to invite you to watch your favourite events online.