18 August, 12 p.m.
Performance "Fanterkok – a Small Puppet-Maker, the Son of a Laundress"
August 18th, 12:00
Performance "Fanterkok –
a Small Puppet-Maker, the Son of a Laundress"
Garden of Sophia Kyivska

Performance "Fanterkok – a Small Puppet-Maker, the Son of a Laundress"

Kyiv Children's Artistic Studio "Art-bahazh
" invites you and your children to the interactive fairy-tale-fantasy "Fanterkok – malenkyi lialkar, syn prachky" (Fanterkok – a Small Puppet-Maker, the Son of a Laundress) based on the fairy-tale written by V. Pisarev.

The story goes about a boy Fanterkok, who although small could cut the puppets from wood skillfully. The characters have to overcome a lot of hardships on their way, but it is worth it as the world becomes a brighter thing and the rain drops transform into soap bubbles!

Children and their parents will put life into cardboard pull string puppets which each of the participants will make during the performance. The children will produce the stage decorations from craft-paper and paint the story in gouache ...

For those who has never visited ArtBahazh performances we explain:

* Interactive performance for children is an amazing spectacle! In such a theatre there are no spectators, all guests become full-fledged participants of the performance. Children and their parents take up the game without any preparation and rehearsals. They sing, dance and create characters!

* Chamber performance means that 10-12 families can participate, the theatre can be 'touched', the action takes place at arm's length.

* Craft performance – Nataliia Datsenko, the author of the project, creates the characters and decorations using simple materials: cardboard, paper, foil. Still, putting life into such a performance is a specific kind of art! All the performances of "ArtBahazh" are made with the help of the guests, moreover – children and their parents are full-fledged participants of the events! As together with Nataliia Datsenko, the director and actress of the theatre, they draw, cut out and place the stage decorations, relate the story and fill it with the atmosphere, features, textures which are unique for each demonstration of the performance! Children and grown-ups alike, being inside the theatrical process, obtain their personal performing, directing and artistic experience which they later 'take' into their bag of impressions and skills! As everything we get in our childhood is a whole life baggage.

The founder of the project – Nataliia Datsenko
, a director, a script writer, an actress of "ArtBahazh", as well as an author of children's routes in "KROK", "KyivLab", director, sound technician, editor in the project "Istoriia odnoho mista" (A Story of a City"); producer in Olena Makarova's project "Universe".

Друзі, реєстрація на події відкриється 16 липня!
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