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ПРИЗНАЧЕННЯ ПЛАТЕЖУ: «Благодійна підтримка проведення фестивалю Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020»
22 August, 7 p.m.
Film Bouquet from
the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival

22 August, 7 p.m.
Film Bouquet from the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival

Golden Gate

Film Bouquet from the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival

— the biggest modern film festival in Ukraine and one of the biggest specialized film events in Ukraine and Eastern Europe according to the International Association of Film Producers — will present a compilation of films that are really iconic for the new Ukrainian cinema in the framework of the BouquetKyivStage. This year the festival was held for the 48th time already, and the compilation contains the best short films shot in different years.

"Here we have got very different films: from comedy to realistic drama, even tragedy. Most films have been shot in the recent years, but there are films which have become iconic for the new Ukrainian cinematography. Two films on the programme, participants of the Molodist Film Festival — were the first ones in the Ukrainian history to receive the Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival. These films are — "Podorozhni" (Wayfarers) by Ihor Strembitskyi and "Kros" (Cross-Country) by Maryna Vroda", - Volodymyr Voitenko, Film Bouquet programme director, film expert and Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Film Academy told us.

The films that you will be able to watch on August 22nd in "Zoloti vorota" also include: "Doroha" (The Way) directed by Maksym Ksenda — telling the story of a runaway teenager who is looking for his own way in life.

"Shtanhist" (Weightlifter) by Dmytro Sukholytkyi-Sobchuk – about a weight lifter getting prepared to take part in the international championship and trying to cope with psychological difficulties in his relationships with his beloved one and his relatives.

"V radosti i tilky v radosti" (In Joy) by Maryna Roshchyna — a story of motherhood and challenges which a woman faces.

Animated film "Kohannia" (Deep Love) by Mykyta Lyskov, which consists of several unconnected plots having a common theme – love.
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