24 August, 4 p.m.
Interactive program "Spara" for children from the MELO team (Sweden)
24 August, 4 p.m.
The interactive programme "SPARA" for children presented
by MELO collective (Sweden)
National Center of Theater Arts. Les Kurbas
An interactive programme "SPARA", produced for children by MELO collective (Sweden)

Since 2012 an artistic collective MELO (Sweden) has mostly worked for children and youth. Their "SPARA" performance is an interactive one, combining dancing, music, form and space for children . In 2013 the collective was on tour with the performance in Ukraine, collaborating with the New Theatre on Pechersk. The performance was shown in Dim "Master Klass" and orphanages outside Kyiv. On August 24th MELO collective will present an interactive programme based on "SPARA" performance. The workshop is adjusted to the needs and abilities of the spectators. "Feel the breath of the wind which accompanies swift dancing, hear the sounds of steps made barefoot, see how graffiti symbols are taking certain shapes and are being transformed.
During the "SPARA" performance the spectators are led around the room carefully and they feel that dancing and music are really very close beside them. The bounds between the stage and the auditorium get dispersed – now they have become an integrated whole. By letting a fraction of their heart go the collective and the children are creating a performance which provokes a creative impulse. Here the participants dance both in the circle and on the walls. The children move around the room through the scenery made of carpets in order to find new ways of participating in the performance".

*MELO is an artistic collective based in Stockholm (Sweden). It consists of the artists representing visual art, dancing, music and sound design.

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