17 August, 7 p.m.
La Voix Humaine Facetime/
The Human Voice

17 August, 7 p.m.
«La Voix Humaine Facetime» / "Human Voice"


La Voix Humaine Facetime/ The Human Voice

Katerina Levental (opera singer and theatre actress);
Maria Prilipko (pianist).

Mono opera about a woman, her ex, and the rest of the world
Music: Françis Poulenc
Text: Jean Cocteau

Sounds of Paris... Paris is a city of Women and Love. More often, even of drama. So we can hear and feel the dramatic cut of Paris in Jean Cocteau's play "La voix humaine", which was later set to music by Françis Poulenc for a one-act opera.

La Voix Humaine Facetime
will present the version for soprano and piano. Chris Koolmees created a brand-new staging that adds an entirely new dimension to this classic production: the person who becomes detached from society.

By means of an interactive screen that serves as both a mirror over a dressing table and a modern communication panel, the main character makes a desperate attempt to keep her connection with the outside world intact but unfortunately fails. The sometimes fine line between fantasy and reality in today's media that results in alternative truths is depicted in this real-time selfie film.

Katerina Levental works as a soloist in the most famous international theatre companies and performs songs and oratorios in well-known concert halls, theatres, and theatrical venues of the world. She has founded the musical theatre "LEKS Compagnie" and debuted on the stage of Holland.

Maria Prilipko is a pianist, laureate of many international competitions, and producer. She is also the author of the classic academic music project "Intermezzo, Secular Music Evenings", as well as founder and head of Broadway Kids Studio.

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