16 -26 August
Photo exhibition by Kira Kyznetsova
"Five minutes before the beginning..."
Photo exhibition by Kira Kyznetsova
"Five minutes before the beginning..."

Sophia Art-Wall
Five minutes before the beginning...

Kira Kyznetsova
"Last summer all of a sudden I felt I was short of classics, I was wandering about the city and a symphony concert seemed to be a desirable breath of fresh air without which I just failed to take a deep breath. I took this idea down with lemonade but it didn't work much. When I got to know that "Bouquet Kyiv Stage" had started, I felt elated and rushed into making arrangements about the photography.

We agreed that I would take photos before the performance itself. The portraits with an easy breath of foresight and a pre-taste in the eyes. Further on miracles began to happen because it turned out that there were gentle Nota Bene Chamber group transferring sounds to one another so tenderly, and there was Antonii Baryshevskyi, who filled Zoloti Vorota with water to the brim and one could hear how the water, serene and transparent, was caressing the walls. There was also Antuanetta Mishchenko and tears which I shed while her grand piano was playing. It was so deep-felt. There was Mykhailo Balog and two hours of the subtlest hypnotic saxophone trance. There was also Nazgul Shukaieva who seemed to be negotiating something with the Kyiv summer directly. I sank in Tamara Plashenko's eyes and melted in Cristopher Lyndon-Gee's hug. And on the last night I danced through all the IDM of a very cool Dz'ob. I craved for one concert but instead I got 10 days of a fantastic feast celebrating high art. And I'm happy that I was a bit related to it. And also that there are so thoughtful, considerate and warm-hearted people who have presented this Bouquet to Kyiv."

Kira Kuznietsova

Kira graduated from Kyiv Cinema and Television Institute where she studied to be a photoartist.
She works as a photographer and shoots portraits on film using manual lenses, she also works on individual projects, landscapes and still lifes.

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