Programme for Kids
How does a child react to a sudden fall and bruised knees? Children perceive these troubles of life as an adventure, not a catastrophe. They teach us important and sensible treatment of difficulties and conditions of life.

The theme of this year's Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020 Festival is "Life Goes On" and its essence is perfectly relayed exactly by the kids' programme – both its entertaining and educational components.

This year we are happy to welcome new friends of the festival – a theatrical organization "ART DiM" with performances "Tik-Tak" and "Kolorovi ihry" (Colour Games). Both performances are intended for the youngest spectators aged from 8 months to 3 years and, of course, their parents.

The All-Ukrainian Festival of Architecture ARCHIKIDZ! has prepared thrilling master classes for teenagers telling them about nature in their native city.

The art component will be represented by the Art Workshop of Dim Master Klass.
NGO "ART DiM" started a new stage in its development in 2019. The key objective of the organization is enhancement of civil society members' competence by means of art and creative work. We support projects addressed to people of different ages. "Persha vystava" project presents the experience of partnership with a Lithuanian choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė in the area of "theatre which ficilitates development" and is addressed to the spectators including families with children aged 0–3. This project has an educational and performative component, it brings together participants from various regions of Ukraine.

We aspire to develop modern competencies in civil society members by means of artistic and creative activities.
ARCHIKIDZ is the All-Ukrainian Festival of Architecture for Children fostering the development of creative thinking and skills for the future in them. The festival history in Ukraine dates back to 2017 when the festival of architecture took place in Kyiv for the first time. Since 2018 ARCHIKIDZ! has been not only a festival but also a programme of architectural education of the National Centre "Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine", UNESCO Centre for Science Education. One of the principal goals of the programme is enriching school education with studying the subjects from the perspective of architecture.
Art Workshop
The Art Workshop of Dim Master Klass, which has been conducting various master classes for children and their parents for already 10 years, has prepared a number of interesting creative tasks specifically for the festival. The artists will help your kids put into practice their most daring fantasies and artistic ideas, so they will go home enthused, and with the masterpieces crafted with their own hands.