3d Festival of High Art Bouquet Kyiv Stage
Life Goes On! Third Festival of High Art Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020 will ultimately take place! Time of the festival is already known – August 20–25. The location traditionally is the National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kyiv".

Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020 will comprise six eventful festival days, with about ten events held each day. So, well, yes, "Life Goes On"! It is the leitmotif of this year's festival which relays our optimism and hope, faith in ourselves and each other; a discreet observation of the time passing, comprehension of the life cycle and its collisions; our readiness to respond to new challenges and dignity in doing this. What words, musical or book stories can better express the dramatic reality of today? What thoughts and emotions do they arouse in us? Despite the fact that everything has come to a standstill during the quarantine – life actually goes on!

On August 20–25, from morning till late at night music and words will be ringing in "Sophia of Kyiv". Performers and their listeners will be flowing into the ancient city. Here masters and their disciples, geniuses of the city and its residents will meet, the sacred space will be filled with happy talks, children's laughter and thankful applause. It will be filled with life. The City of Masters will sound here.
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