21 August, 7 p.m.
The Film Bouquet from
the Project "Watch Ukrainian!"

21 August, 7 p.m.
The Film Bouquet from the Project "Watch Ukrainian!"

Golden Gate

The Film Bouquet from the Project "Watch Ukrainian!"
The Association for the Promotion of Cinema Development in Ukraine "Watch Ukrainian!" has prepared a truly compelling collection of short films. The audience will have a unique opportunity to watch 12 films, each of which is worth watching on August 21, 2019. Such a selection is a kind of cut of modern Ukrainian cinema. It includes works by both recognized and young filmmakers.

"The Doors" directed by Nataliia Davydenko is a story full of philosophical optimism, a struggle till the last breath, an understanding of the power of one's choice, and an opportunity to overcome circumstances.

"Thank You" directed by Maksym Liukov is a story about a young volunteer on an old minibus, trying to bring vital things to the military in the East, where fighting is going on, but there are some difficulties along the way.

"The Angel" directed by Volodymyr Lutskyi is a conversation of an adult man and boy about life, the first love, and clouds in the abandoned, dilapidated building.

"The Female Heartbreaker" directed by Oleksandra Brovchenko is a story of a guy who decided to give his real heart to a good girl at the cash register in a supermarket. But she considers the heart as a piece of meat and labels it with a barcode.

"The Lesson" directed by Mykhailo Illenko is a story about an episode in the life of a young family where, in an overly emotional dialogue between the father and his daughter, the child turns to be wiser and "older" than her parents.

"Inclusion at School" directed by Oksana Taranenko is a story of youthful love without restrictions and prejudices.

"The Shrove Sunday" directed by Oleksandr Kyriienko is a story of a boy from an orphanage who is confronted with the cruelty of other children.

"The Voice" directed by Mykhailo Illenko is a story of a daughter who waits for her mother from shopping and hears a voice reminding the child that her father is at war.

"The Man" directed by Oksana Artemenko is a story about a father teaching his 4-year-old son to be an adult. The man goes to war, from which he doesn't come back home. So the young son decides to protect his mother.

"The Kobzar's Shop" directed by Viktor Pryduvalov is a story of the fellows who produce kobzas. The daughter of one of them, who lost her voice when her mother died, witnesses it.

"The Cold Rain of Solitude" by Oleh Pavliuchenkov is a story of a young married couple moving from a metropolis to a separate village. They rejoice and feel happy until the young man is taken to war.

"The Coffin" by Kadym Tarasov is a Ukrainian existential western. After losing his family, the old Ivan goes crazy, paints his face, puts on a shaman's headdress with feathers, and removes icons from their frames. He builds a coffin and prepares to face death. Everything changes when he meets a wandering black dog.

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