16 August, 5 p.m. -7 p.m.
Panel discussions under the ash tree. Igor Pomerantsev

16 August , 5 p.m.-7 p.m.
Panel discussions under the ash tree

Under Ash tree

Founder of Bouquet Kyiv Stage, Evgeni Utkin invites you to join the already traditional
Panel discussions under the ash tree.

Both extraordinary speakers and anyone who loves deep talks and interesting discussions will meet in the shadow of the two-year-old ash tree that grows in Sophia Kyivska Garden. It will be a territory for creating new meanings and exchanging thoughts, a place where ideas and inspirations are born.

You will have a unique opportunity to hear Igor Pomerantsev, a prose writer, poet, journalist, human rights activist, and Soviet dissident on August 16, 2019.

Igor is an editor of the radio magazine "Over the Barriers" and author's programmes "Dry Red", "My Favourite Records", and others. His radio plays have been broadcast on the BBC (World Service), France Culture, and Radio Svoboda.

Igor Pomerantsev is a poet, prose writer, essayist, and radio host.
Writer, journalist, and radio host Igor Pomerantsev can be called Russian-speaking but not Russian. Born in Saratov, brought up in Chernivtsi, and matured during KGB interrogations in Kyiv, he is an emigrant who has not lost interest in his roots at the same time.
In addition to journalism, Igor Pomerantsev is a writer, essayist, and radio playwright first and foremost.
Like most radio journalists, Igor Pomerantsev is in love with his work and can spend hours talking about it, listing the positives of radio compared to other media. Pomerantsev calls radio the most intelligent and the only communication medium that develops people's imagination, allows them to experiment and go beyond established rules.

Друзі, реєстрація на події відкриється 16 липня!