19 August, 9 p.m.
Concert of the Ethno-Band "DakhaBrakha"

19 August, 9 p.m.
Concert of the Ethno-Band "DakhaBrakha"

Sophia Stage

Concert of the Ethno-Band "DakhaBrakha"


Marko Galanevych
Vocal, darbuka, piano accordion, didgeridoo, mouth harmonica, kajon, and accordion.
Iryna Kovalenko
Vocal, djembe, percussion, bass drum, zhaleyka, flute, accordion, grand piano, piano accordion, and ukulele.
Olena Tsybulska
Vocal, percussion, and bass drum.
Nina Garenetska
Vocal, cello, and bass drum.

DakhaBrakha is a new word in the history of world music. It is a project that has no analogues in the world by the power of an idea that resonantly represents Ukraine abroad.

Today there are a huge number of instruments played by the band: bass drums, percussion, flute, piano, cello, djembe, accordion, bugai, ukulele, mouth harmonica, kajon, darbuka, tabla, and didgeridoo. Only four pairs of hands can handle it. Three girls and a guy perform the strikingly powerful ethno-house music. At the same time, their songs are a call of ancestors, unprecedented in power and drive. They are complicated and have many hidden meanings. The listeners confirm this with undisguised pleasure. Synthesis of songwriting by different peoples of the world is a unique phenomenon. It creates a unique effect in combination with the finely selected charismatic images.

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