23 August (Sn)
7p.m.-11 p.m.
Stefan Fraunberger, Austria:
"I start from the peculiarities of the temperament and mentality of these people in the study of their musical traditions, revealing the secret language of things and processes and phenomena from different layers of reality. I perform solo on various electric cymbals, and also founded an acoustic ensemble working in this field, in order to eventually explore the spatiotemporal and artistic potential of the musical art of these historical state formations in comparison with modern musical techniques.
On August 23, Stefan will perform a solo program (cymbals / electronics) at Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020.
Cymbals (percussion cylinder, santur, hackbret, cymbal ...) - a stringed instrument that is used in various modifications in the traditional musical culture of people living in the geographical area from the Himalayas to the Alps. Playing this instrument resembles the art of weaving an invisible rug. Cymbals are the Eurasian ancestor of modern piano and play an important role in the musical tradition of the regions of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as classical Ottoman, Ukrainian and Persian music.
The British magazine "The Wire" commented on Stefan's recent musical performance: the sound maneuvers between orderly melodies and noisy interspersed, but always remains charming and provocative ... "
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