2nd Festival of High Art Bouquet Kyiv Stage

Bouquet Kyiv Stage (BKS), the 2nd Festival of High Art, will take place on the territory of Sofia Kyivska National Reserve on August 16th-26th.
Do we listen to the sounds of our city? The studies demonstrate that we don't. Our attention can be attracted by separate unfamiliar sounds, amazed, we take notice of the oily rustling of olive trees in a foreign country, but we ignore the symphony of our native streets.

In the meantime, an acoustic image of the city is one of the basic reference points in space for its residents. The enjoyment of life here and now is impossible without attentive listening into the environment. And exactly BKS will present you with a conscious meeting with it.

This year a musical section of the festival will be comprised of two mutually complementary programmes. All concerts which will be held at 6 p.m. are united by the title "Ploshchi i Pahorby" (Squares and Hills). It is the time of warm light, active communication and extravert entertainments. It is the time for songs, festivity and gaieties. "Ploshchi i Pahorby" feature a recognizable Kyiv landscape, a unique combination of open spaces and mystical eminences.

On the programme: Andrii Bielov (Germany-Ukraine), Andrii Bondarenko (Switzerland-Ukraine), Oleksii Hryniuk (Great Britain-Ukraine), Quatuor Elysée (France), Antonii Baryshevskyi, Nazgul Shukaieva (Ukraine) and others.

Late programme starts at 9 p.m. and is entitled "Ptakhy i Kvity" (Birds and Flowers). It coincides with a traditional genre of Chinese art, which emerged around the time of constructing Sofia Kyivska. Fabulous birds in blossoming spray enchant with their realistic beauty and the mystery of symbols. On the programme there will be nocturnal meditative music, also an introvert voyage into inner states will take place. Besides, on the programme there are four electroacoustic bands with "birdlike" titles at once – Ptakh_Jung, Son Sovy (The Owl's Dream), Dz'ob and airborne extended.

Participants: DakhaBrakha, Ptakh_Jung, Son Sovy, Dz'ob, Yevhen Hromov, Laura Marti, New Era Orhestra (Ukraine), Guy Mintus (Israel), Misha Tsyhanov (USA), airborne extended (Austria), Proton Bern (Switzerland), Kostiantyn Tymokhyn (Switzerland-Ukraine).

We believe that exactly this festival will help you advance the ability to perceive and listen to yourself, each other and the surrounding big city.

Entrance to all events is free. Admission ticket to the territory of Sofia Kyivska National Reserve is UAH 20 (preferential fee – UAH 10).

Contact person:
Hanna Matviishyna
+3 8067 684 84 05
This year the focus-theme of the festival is – Sounds of the City. We live among millions of sounds. Bird singing, tram rattling, loud hissing of the highway, street music, children's laughter and nostalgic creaking of the swings – all this acoustic cocktail surrounds us each day. An absolute silence is unbearable, it is troubling and depressing. What we call 'silence' is actually noise of 20-40 decibel. It is this noise that presents a real, non-glitz comfort and the feeling of security.
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