21 серпня, 21.00
"The Periwinkle of the Upper-Dnieper Trumpets":
band Dz'ob
21 August, 9 p.m.
"The Periwinkle of the Upper-Dnieper Trumpets"
band Dz'ob

Sophia Stage

The concert will take place with the support of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre.

... The noise of trumpets is heard around,
as well as beats' and pads' chimes...

"The Periwinkle of the Upper-Dnieper Trumpets"

The concert programme will feature compositions from the latest two albums and two tracks from the album, scheduled to be released in 2020.

The impetus for creating the album was working on a silent film "The Chronicles of the Soviet City", whose presentation is scheduled to take place in Kyiv in September this year. This documentary was shot in 1929, in Soviet Ukraine and was found in the archives of the Film Studio of O. Dovzhenko.

In the new work we are going to investigate the influence of ideologies in the formation of consciousness, as well as art as one of the tools of ideological influence.

Oleksii Badin (cello);
Vasyl Starshynov (oboe);
Maksym Andrukh (electronic musical instruments);
Kateryna Koliada (violin);
Irina Lee (viola);
Oleksii Starshynov (bassoon);
Serhii Bilokon (clarinet).

DZ'OB is a Ukrainian cross-genre acoustic and electronic collective, created in 2014. In its work, it combines the academic music traditions with the innovation of its dance directions. Each band's performance is a show based on musical avant-gardism, where the expressive sound of traditional instruments is interwoven with modern electronics.

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