25 August, 18.00
Electro-acoustic project with improvisations
"The Concert Has Broken".
Ihor Zavhorodnii- violin,
Anthony Baryshevskyi- piano,
Tetiana Khoroshun- electronic musical instruments.

25 August,6 p.m.
Electro-acoustic project with improvisations
"The Concert Has Broken"
Anthony Baryshevskyi,
piano, Ukraine

Sophia Stage

Electro-acoustic project with improvisations
"The concert has broken"

Ihor Zavhorodnii, violin
Anthony Baryshevskyi, piano
Tetiana Khoroshun, electronic musical instruments

*Anthony Baryshevskyi is the winner of seventeen international competitions. Giving solo concerts and performing with orchestras, he actively tours in Belgium, Denmark, Belarus, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Germany, and many other countries.

*Igor Zavgorodniy
Being a participant of the Collegium Quartet, Igor Zavgorodniy studied at the Netherlands String Quartet Academy (Amsterdam). His teachers were Marc Danel, Stefan Metz, and Peter Cropper.

* Tetiana Khoroshun is a student of Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine and composer. She is the author of acoustic and electro-acoustic music, music for performances, sound installations, videos, and cinema. The composer's music sounded at many Ukrainian and foreign festivals of contemporary art.

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