25 August, 9 p.m.
"Sound of the City":
Airborne Extended (Austria)
25th August, 9 p.m.
"Sound of the City",
Airborne Extended (Austria)
Sophia Stage

With support of Austrian Cultural Forum

"Sound of the City",
Airborne Extended (Austria)

Elena Gabbrielli - flutes
Sonja Leipold – harpsichord/keyboard
Caroline Mayrhofer - recorders/Paetzold
Tina Žerdin – harp


Bernhard Lang: London in the rain „Monadologie XXIX", (quartet+keyboard), 2013, 14´
Manuela Kerer: kaput II (quartet+midi-tape - instruments are packed in garbage bags), 2017, 5´
Maxim Kolomiiets, worldpremiere, quartet, 2019, 7´
Anna Arkushyna: uǝɯ-oʍ for 4 whistles, quartet with bird-sounds, 2013, 6´
Marina Poleukhina: my dear udockle, let´s jump to the forest, berry, 2012, 3 players of kitchen-tools, 8´
Anna Arkushyna: tes rêves verts, 2019, 7´

Ned McGowan: tools (quartet+effects - instruments and tool-sounds): Hexnut - Dual track Grinder – Hole Punch – Pneumatic Screed – Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle – Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle Cover – Stripped Hexnut, 2003, 6´

„airborne" adj. [med., aviation, military] transmitted, transported by the air, fly

Ensemble airborne extended was founded in 2013 and is a female Quartett playing contemporary music consisting of the instruments harp, harpsichord/keyboard, flutes, recorders/Paetzoldflutes with and without electronics and performance. Being part of the Austrian NASOM-program 2018/19 airborne extended is presenting worldwide new works written for the Ensemble.

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