18 August 9 p.m.
"Twilight Wanderings":
Trio Elysée (France)

18 August, 9 p.m.
"Twilight Wanderings":
Trio Elysée (France)

Sophia Stage

With the support of Savarez and Corelli companies.

"Twilight Wanderings": Trio Elysée (France)

The concert programme includes the following compositions:
udwig van Beethoven, Serenade in D Major, Op. 8;
Manuel Ponce. Trio;
Zoltán Kodály. Intermezzo;
Jean Françaix. Quartet for English Horn and String Trio;
Hans Krása. Dance for String Trio;
George Enescu. Aubade for String Trio ("The Morning Serenade").

Trio Elysée (France) consists of the following musicians:
Justina Zajančauskaite (violin)
Andrii Malakhov (viola)
Ihor Kyrychenko (cello)
Special guest:
Maksim Kolomiets (English horn)

Trio Elysée (France):
The Elysée Trio was created in 1995 by former members of two string quartets, both of which had won the Grand Prize at the Evian International Competition : the Ysaÿe and Anton Quartets.
The uniqueness of the Elysée Trio lies in the confrontation and assimilation of two different schools : the French school and the prestigious Russian school. These two schools are mutually enriching. They enable the blending of different ideas, the development of new dimensions in the interpretation of music, and a strength of expression which has great originality.

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