17 August, 9 p.m.
"Budynky" (Houses):
Ptakh_Jung & VJ Reinish
August 17th, 9 p.m.
"Budynky" (Houses): Ptakh_Jung & VJ Reinish

Electronic impressionists Ptakh_Jung will take the listeners through the sound map of a modern metropolis. Their live performance will be comprised of multi-genre tracks exposing diverse states of the city and emotional experiences of the city residents. An atmospheric ambient of sunrises, techno rhythms of night raves, a warm lyricism of people's personal stories, grunge of the week days oversaturated with events, classics in the parks at sunset. The storytelling will be intensified by a video sequence created by the visual artist Reinish, which is also performed live.
Друзі, реєстрація на події відкриється 16 липня!