25 August, 11 a.m.
The Festive Concert "Music of Ukrainian Composers"
25 August, 11 a.m.
"Piano concert in two hands. Baby Mozart."

Garden of Sophia Kyivska
Piano Concert in 4 Hands for Parents and Babies devoted to Independence Day of Ukraine

Hanna Kornieva
Iryna Ozerova

The concert programme includes the following compositions:
M. Skoryk. "A Pleasant Walk"
M. Lysenko. "The Serenade"
O. Ivanko. "The Dusty Path"
A. Kos-Anatolsky. "Oh, Maiden as Fair as the Dawn"
O. Ivanko. "Christmas Polka"
B. Yanivskyi. "Do not Forget…"
M. Lysenko. "The Chervone Zaporizhzhya March"
"Guys, Unharness Your Horses…" (the Ukrainian folk song in jazz arrangement by O. Saratskyi)
K. Dankevych. Hopak from the opera "Bogdan Khmelnytsky"
L. Revutskii. "You're Listening, my Brother" (arrangement)
"From Kyiv to Lubny" (the Ukrainian folk song in jazz arrangement by O. Saratskyi)
V. Filipenko. "To You"
N. Andriievska. "If I Could Embroider"
M. Skoryk. "In Folk Style"

The Baby Mozart team has created an exclusive program for parents and babies from 0 years old - a concert of classical music with elements of animation.

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