Bouquet Kyiv Stage
The International Multidisciplinary Non-Profit and Socially-Oriented Festival of High Art.

Music is the core of Bouquet Kyiv Stage. The Festival accentuates the Ukrainian cultural content as a part of world culture, consolidates art, education and innovative technology into a unified contemporary cultural phenomenon.

The Festival is a gift to the city which familiarizes the general public with the samples of high art. Because art is a universal language of intercultural communication.
Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival of High Art was founded in Kyiv in 2018. The first BKS was held on August 11–26 and turned out to be an extremely successful high-profile event. This was confirmed by over 40 events, more than 230 participants from Ukraine and abroad (from 12 countries), 15 Hard Talks with opinion leaders, 25 video installations, over 800 thousand people that got to know about the Festival and dozens of thousands of amazed spectators!
About the Symbol

The symbol of the festival – The Bouquet, a modern megasymbol, was created by a Kyiv painter and philosopher Oleksandr Dubovyk. The symbol of The Bouquet is the painter's gift to the Festival.

The Bouquet is consolidation and composition, holiday and gift making. The Bouquet is a symbol of the diversity of our culture. It is a symbol of the intersection of ways and civilizations, an explosive mixture of intonations, styles, genres and epochs in each work.

Giving the BOUQUET as a gift is a gesture of gratitude to artists connecting Ukraine with the world, the present time – with the past, drawing the longed-for future closer.

And also, a sign of generosity – a compliment to the city we love. The entrance to the Festival events is free.
About the Programme 2019

On the Programme:

  • Music- classical, contemporary academic, jazz, electronic, experimental.
  • Workshops - Conductor and singing.
  • Visual Art - Art and photo exhibitions.
  • Film shows – Ukrainian film premières.
  • Interactive programmes for children, in particular for autistic children.
  • Interactive programmes for senior citizens.
  • Theatrical excursions.
  • Hard talks with opinion leaders - "Talks under the Ash-tree".
      About the Dream

      We dream that Bouquet Kyiv Stage:

      Will become an annual favorite festival for the general public.

      Will be a symbolic event for Kyiv as a cultural European capital.

      Will go beyond the framework of Ukraine and become a large-scale event in other countries of the world.

      Sounds of the City is the theme of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2019 Festival. It is grounded on the concept of the skill of Hearing and the wish for Listening. Listening to the sounds of the city and hearing each other.
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